Who is your partner?

I wanted to speak about something I have been hearing recently from customers.  We often get calls from potential customers who are looking for someone to install the artificial grass they have already purchased.  Unfortunately, we only sell and install our Grass!365 products.  Their other option is landscape companies who don’t specialize in selling and installing artificial grass.  It is not their main business, so they don’t have the expertise that we have and customers are sometimes disappointed with the results.  The first picture is of a job done right.  The second and third pictures are examples of a very poor job, done by a different company, a customer called us out to fix.

Recent Call

I recently received a call from a customer who was having a putting green installed in his backyard.  The project was not going well, and he was concerned about the contractor’s ability to get the job done.  I told him that we did not install other people’s turf, but if he was in a situation where he could have the turf returned, then we could come in and install our turf and make the putting green for him.

Artificial Grass Experts….Call Us!

Deciding to get artificial grass is a big decision.  I encourage customers to call a synthetic grass sales and installation company when you are considering it.  Buying artificial grass yourself, and then looking for someone to install it, is like a customer going to a restaurant with the ingredients and asking the chefs to cook it for you.  We know how, where and who manufactured our turf.  We know the base that is needed for our products, and the infill that is needed.  Because of this, we can warranty our base work and pass along the manufacturer’s warranty to our customers.  So chose an expert that you trust to get the job done right.