Mud Free Synthetic Grass Backyard

Are you interested in a mud free synthetic grass backyard?  If your kids or pets are like mine, they are constantly dragging mud and dirt into the house.  Additionally, our customers backyard areas often get trampled by the feet of their children or pets.  This can cause bare or empty patches to appear in their backyards.  Sometimes it can be difficult to grow grass in the backyard due to shade caused by our homes or trees. This picture is just one example of how synthetic grass can really transform the look and feel of a backyard.  Here in North Texas we have to water our grass a lot to get that nice green grass.

Low Maintenance

The low maintenance of synthetic grass can save you money over time and provide a much more usable space for you and your family. You wont have to worry about mud being dragged into the house.  Installing synthetic grass in your backyard means your backyard never has to be watered.  It never has to be mowed, and it never has to be aerated or fertilized.  Another problem that I have experienced is on new homes.

Synthetic Grass Difference

With our top of the line synthetic grass, your backyard will drain up to 10 times faster than any other synthetic grass you can buy.  This is because we use a special fabric type backing that is permeable.  That means it does not have to be hole punched to get water to drain through it.  Pretty much all of the synthetic grass you find on the market today is hole punched, but these holes can plug up, and as a result cause drainage issues over time.  Additionally our grass is 100% recyclable and made in the USA.

So if you live in the Dallas Fort Worth area and would like a mud free synthetic grass backyard please get in touch with us today.  We can provide you with multiple synthetic grass options.  If you want landscape synthetic grass we have it in multiple different face weights and yarn shapes.  All of our projects are backed by our installation warranty.