For backyard putting greens or artificial grass golf surfaces of any kind, look no further than Grass!365.  For over 20 years we have been installing the very best backyard putting greens all across the country, Europe and the Caribbean.  Grass!365 Dallas knows how to maximize your property and build you an awesome putting green and backyard short game practice area.

Some like to say backyard putting greens cannot hold a golf shot or don’t putt true.  Well for over two decades we have been blowing that myth out of the water with superior backyard putting green surfaces that hold shots up to 180 yards away and roll as smooth as championship golf greens.

It all starts with our love of golf and the desire to practice golf shots right out the back door.  The famous golf architect C.B. MacDonald once said “I have always wanted to live where one could practice golf shots in one’s pajamas.”  Well we have created hundreds of those scenarios and would love to help you create a truly great backyard experience with your beloved putter and 60 degree wedge.

Call us for some more info and before you know it you will be flipping wedges right next to where you stand and flip steaks.

Grass!365 backyard putting greens – if we could build them better we would.  Come see for yourself.

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